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Welcome Research Fellowship
Edward Lillie Fellowship

AO Fellowship (Freiburg)

ARC Grant (No. A0053 Value - £42,600)
To finance a controlled trial of the effectiveness of
Guanethidine treating algodystrophy.

Ethicon Travelling Fellowship

Sydney Hand Fellowship.

Master of Surgery Thesis
"Algodystrophy Following Wrist Trauma"

One year's research (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS) studying the associations of post traumatic algodystrophy. One hundred consecutive Colles' fracture patients were assessed for features of algodystrophy after one, five, nine and twelve weeks following fracture. A new method of quantifying finger stiffness was devised. It was possible to diagnose algodystrophy 1 week after Colles' fracture.

Algodystrophy was associated with a tight plaster cast but not the median nerve dysfunction. There was no association with psychological impairment. The effect of treatment with intravenous regional guanethdine was investigated.