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Jeremy is a consultant orthopaedic hand surgeon who is also a qualified mediator having studied at the London School of Mediation (LSM) in 2013.

Mediation is a method of conflict resolution that is without prejudice. It is a method of solving problems without involving the expense of a court case. The LSM training involves mediation in personal injury scenarios, but also employment issues, neighbour and boundary disputes. People tend to go for mediation as an alternative to going to court.

Obviously, this is a considerably less expensive option for conflict resolution. Mediations can be booked for any length of time but initially, most sessions are arranged for 4 hours.

Jeremy is qualified to mediate in any circumstance and is particularly interested in mediating medical matters, such as personal injury claims, medical negligence claims, but also any potential employment issues within hospitals. He is happy to perform the first mediation at any such institute, free of charge.

Mediations are booked by contacting his secretary Helen Moreton

Helen Moreton
Telephone: 01285 831010
E mail: jeremy.field_sec@hotmail.com