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BSc. FRCS(Eng). FRCS(Ed). ChM. FRCS (Orth).

Name: Jeremy Field  
Home Address:
Duntisbourne Leer Farm
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.3.59
GMC: Full No. 2830313 MEDICAL DEFENCE: (MDU) 177428

EDUCATION: 1973-1977 Greshams School, Holt, Norfolk 
  1977-1983 Charing Cross Hospital Medical School,

QUALIFICATIONS: 1980 Intercalated BSc - Biochemistry (London) 2:1
  1983 MBBS (London)
  1985 Primary FRCS (London)
  1988 FRCS (Edinburgh)
  1989 FRCS (England)
  1991 ATLS Provider
  1994 Master of Surgery (Bristol)
  1995 FRCS(Orth)
  2003 Examiner for Intercollegiate FRCS(Orth)

PRESENT 1996 - Consultant Orthopaedic and Hand Surgeon
APPOINTMENT   Cheltenham General Hospital.


1.8.86-31.3.87 Orthopaedics: Mr.J.A.W.Fitzgerald
  (Southampton) Mr.J.A.Robertson
1.3.89-31.7.89 Orthopaedic Registrar J.D.Rawlings
  (Plymouth) Mr N.Seymour
1.8.88-31.1.89 Plastic Surgery Mr.B.G.Lamberty
  (Cambridge) Mr.R.C.Campbell
1.8.89-31.7.90 Southmead Hospital Mr.H.E.D.Griffiths, Mr.C.E.Ackroyd
  (General) Mr.G.C.Bannister
1.8.90-29.2.91 BRI (Hand Surgery) Mr.I.J.Leslie
1.3.91-28.2.92 Research Fellow Mr.R.M.Atkins
  (ChM Thesis)  
1.3.92-31.8.92 Southmead Hospital Mr.C.E.Ackroyd
  Trauma/Cold Mr.G.C.Bannister, Mr.I.G.Winson.
16.9.92-29.2.93 Knee/trauma (BRI) Mr.J.H.Newman
1.3.93-31.8.93 Hand Surgery/Tumours Mr.I.J.Leslie/Mr.J.Dixon
1.9.93-31.12.93  Professorial Unit Mr.R.M.Atkins
1.1.94-31.12.94 Sydney Hand Unit Mr.T.J.Herbert, Prof W. B. Conolly
1.1.95-28.2.95 Knee/Hips Mr.A.J.Ward/Mr.J.H.Newman
1.3.95-31.8.95 Childrens Orthopaedics  Mr.P.J.Witherow
1.9.95-29.2.96 Revision Hips/Feet Prof. I.D.Learmonth/Mr.I.Winson


TRAUMA: Extensive experience of all types of trauma including head and chest injuries was gained at Southampton. Further experience was obtained at Plymouth, Southmead Hospital Bristol (which was a 1 in 2 rotation for one year) and the BRI. Six weeks were spent at the Freiberg Trauma Centre (Germany) with Prof. Kuner as an AO fellow in August 1993. 1994 Most of the year spent in Australia was involved in treating trauma of the hand and wrist under Mr T Herbert.

Hip Surgery - I have been performing hip replacements for 10 years, gaining experience with both cemented and uncemented prostheses. I no longer perform revision surgery.

Foot Surgery - Six months with Ian Winson. 20% of my present practice is foot surgery.

Hand Surgery - Six months on the Hand Unit at the BRI with experience of both traumatic and cold orthopaedic hand problems, was followed by six months dealing with cold hand surgery at the Avon Orthopaedic Centre.

HAND FELLOWSHIP Extensive trauma and elective operative experience was obtained working with Mr T J Herbert at the Sydney hand Unit, Australia. I personally performed 10 scaphoid non-union reconstructions, 20 dorsal capsulorraphies with scapholunate ligament repairs, for carpal instability, 10 endoscopic carpal tunnel releases and 50 wrist arthroscopies.

MRCS Examination Course in London (March 1999).

PRESENT PRACTICE I do a 1 in 5 trauma rota dealing with all kinds of trauma at consultant level. 90% of my work is hand surgery, both cold and traumatic. The rest tends to be foot surgery.

Teaching & Examining

I examine on the Board of the FRCS (Orth) Exam twice a year. I have been an external Examiner in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in November 2009.

I chair the International AO Orthopaedic principles Fracture Fixation Courses. As from January 2010 I will be the overall Chair of the Principles Course, being in charge of four courses in the UK per year.

I teach on the AO Hand and Wrist Course. I have chaired an AO Hand and Wrist Course in Cairo in October 2009.

I teach on the AO Tips for Trainers Course, which trains Faculty members for teaching on the Principles Advances and Hand Courses. I also teach on the Tips for Chairmen course once a year which trains AO faculty to chair courses.

I also teach at the Royal College of Surgeons on the Training the Trainers Course, which teaches both Registrars and existing Consultants on how to train and assess their trainees.

I sit on the research and audit committee of the Hand Society and have done for three years.

I teach SHOs, Physiotherapists and Registrars aspects of Hand Surgery every Tuesday morning.

Medical Legal Experience

I have been writing Medico-Legal reports for 15 years initially as a Registrar in Bristol and now as a consultant hand surgeon in Cheltenham. I have written over 1000 reports to date with approximately 50:50 split of plaintiff/defendant cases. I have recently started doing Medical litigation cases. I have attended courses on the "Single Joint Expert" in Bristol and two PRLS courses, one on giving evidence as an Expert witness 2002 and the Expert Witness marketing course in 2003.

I perform 100 medico legal reports a year and my most recent court attendance was in September 2011 where I acted on behalf of the defendant and the outcome was successful. I am a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses. I am also in the National Directory of Consultant Examiners, on the panel of experts for Medical and Professional Services Limited and the IMS Expert Panel.


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Algodystrophy was associated with a tight plaster cast but not the median nerve dysfunction. There was no association with psychological impairment. The effect of treatment with intravenous regional guanethedine was investigated.

ChM awarded January 1995


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1992 Welcome Research Fellowship
Edward Lillie Fellowship
1993 AO Fellowship (Freiburg)

ARC Grant (No. A0053 Value - £42,600)
To finance a controlled trial of the effectiveness of Guanethedine treating algodystrophy

1994 Ethicon Travelling Fellowship
1994 Sydney Hand Fellowship.